Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Funday

On my way home from work today the excitement that only comes from the end of another work week hit me. No matter how tired you are from a long week, you can't help but feel elated that it's over. Then I got to thinking, why must I go straight home after wards? Do I really need to start working on my personal projects the second I get home? The answer is No! I decided then that I should take my energy and excitement from the mere fact that it's Friday and go exploring, and then of course, share my discoveries with you!

Thus, Friday Funday is born! Starting right now, I am going to dedicate every Friday as a day to explore and have FUN. I plan to share everything from cools shops and restaurants, to interesting signs, fashion, people, architecture and everything in between. This way I'll get to experience more of what this city has to offer, and I'll be better about posting. Win Win.

Tonight I decided to start by checking out a park I have yet to go to that isn't far from my place. On my way I walked by a cool shop that had it's doors open. What caught my eye was all of the art on the walls, and some red shag carpet in the display window.

Tedda Hughes is a locally owned shop, by none other than Tedda Hughes herself. I was greeted by Tedda when I walked in, and she offered me a glass of wine. Not being one to pass up a free drink, I decided to stay and really take in everything the shop has to offer, which ranges from original art, hand-made clothing for women and children, to toys and accessories. The store slash gallery has only been open for about 3 weeks now, and so far it seems as though business is going very well. If you'd like to stop by, the store is located at 1623 Polk Street, in San Francisco.

All of the clothing is local and handmade, ranging in prices from $13 - $259, which is AMAZING! Many of the designs are from Tedda herself.

One of my personal favorites is this Sass & Bide fringe tunic

sadly it's a little out of my price range right now, but maybe if I get some freelance work I'll treat myself to it =)

Anyway, one of the artist currently showing work at Tedda Hughes is Hilary Williams. Her work caught my attention right away. I love how colorful and detailed each piece is, and I am a fan of "Urban meets Nature" themes. Here are a few examples of Hilary's screen prints from her website.

After exchanging contact information with Tedda, I decided to continue on my way towards Lafayette Park. Now that I have finally visited this park after many many months of not doing so, I'm pretty sure I'll go back like every other day. Alright, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it was so nice and quiet and peaceful. I really wonder why it's taken me so long to go there..? The park itself is on top of hill, which allows for some pretty amazing views.

I stayed at there for awhile, just enjoying being away from my poop-covered neighborhood, smelling flowers and grass, instead of.. well, you know.

On my way back home, I wondered around a few different blocks to get back to my street. I saw some pretty interesting things...

The sidewalk was at such a steep angle, or the house was so low to the ground (or both?) that this bay window was just barley above eye level

An owl stencil on a set of stairs

A cool old car

hahaha.... this was in someone's window

I love you too

Potatoes? Sure!

And we'll conclude this first Friday Funday with some cool signage from a dry cleaners just up the street




'Lil Ric said...

I will read this every Friday for damn sure

Chris said...

same here!

Skeleface said...

Word. I should start doing this. Fucking great, girlfriend.

Karen O said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys like the idea =)
I'll make sure to not let you down! (Thanks, boyfriend)