Saturday, April 18, 2009

playing with ideas

Well, so much for my "Friday Funday" adventure today. I surprised myself by waking up before noon today (meaning 11:30), planning on going out and enjoying the perfect weather.. I was asleep again by 1, and proceeded to sleep all day. ha. This is what happens when I manage to get a day off. I'm so exhausted that I sleep for 12+ hours. Oh well. I am certain that the next time I have a day off, the weather will be equally as nice, as it rarely changes here.

Now I'm sort of awake, I'm playing around with some ideas for new illustrations. I didn't mention this before but I was contacted to be a part of the Enormous Tiny Art Show in LA the first weekend of June !! I'm extremely excited and a bit nervous. I want my work in the show to be amazing, but at the same time I don't want to over-think it too much. I have just over a month to make 4-6 pieces for the show, which seems like a lot of time, but I work so damn much that when I get any free time these days I'm so tired I can't bring myself to draw. However, now is not the time to complain because I have work to do! I'll just have to channel my mentality that I had senior year of MCAD and get on with it. (although, hopefully with less acne breakouts..yuck) Or you know, contact RedBull about making an iv drip. ha!

The main idea I'm tossing around comes from a dream my friend/coworker had.

"I had a dream last night or it was more this morning. We were at a costume party (I think) and I was dressed like a lion and you were a uh, well actually I don't remember but you were dressed up as well. Know of any animal themed costume parties, I should know about?"

I'm not entirely sure yet what I'm going to do with this, but I have a lot of mental images floating about. Here are a few sketches I came up with.

I'm not sure if this is the direction I want to take it yet, but who knows. Like I said, I don't want to over-think it too much. I'll keep you posted in where this project takes me.

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