Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombie Prom / Gods and Monsters Openings

This past weekend was full of ghoulish delights, including 2 awesome monster themed shows: Zombie Prom and Gods and Monsters.

First up: Zombie Prom at QXC
Featuring work by Sean Monahan, Matthew Klockeman, RM Hanson, Jared Chubbybones Martin, Ben Cournye, Eric Schuster, Sarah J. Schultz, Chris Crammer, Isaac Berends, Jeff Klingle, Bryan Jordal, Keith Eric Williams, and yours truly. 

"I"ll Stay Here With You"
Acrylic and graphite on wood
copyright Karen O'Bryan, 2013

Saturday was the GODS AND MONSTERS 5: Le Grand Horreur show put on by Nate Vincent Szklarski and the Abstracted Gallery in NE. This year the artists were asked to take on a favorite horror film of their own and perform as if they were commissioned to design, paint, photograph, create the original one sheet for the film.

The line up includes work by: Nate Vincent Szklarski, Garrett Rautio, Jeremy Calverley, Kao Lee Thao, Courtney Stout, CAW, Matthew Jenkins, RM Hanson, Tyler Straw, Will Kamas, Angel Hawari
Dan Dittmer , Steve Tenebrini, Adam Underwood, Lauryn Buda, Savannah Louise, Amy Bambi Wendt, Meat-Jeffery Paul Gadbois, Zach Clarke, Ron Brown, Lizzy Blu, Joel Vugteveen
Jesse Golfis, Tom Janssen, PseudoManitou/Jonathan Reese, Gabby Mohlis, Carolyn Kopecky
Taylor Lindgren, Sara Syverhus, Katherine ruth, Rico Lindquist, Sandra Anderson, Mike Bean
Pete Hansen, Shea Bartel, Amoreena ("Amo") Tarvas, Louisa Greenstock and many more..

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zombie Prom

I'm happy to announce that I will be one of the artists featured tomorrow night at the zombie themed show / dance party Zombie Prom!

Here's a little preview of my piece, 'I'll Stay Here with You'

QX Collective Presents:
Zombie Prom 2013 Art show / Zombie Ball

One part art show and one part zombie ball - we'll be featuring zombie artwork created by totally radical local artists and jamming out like undead teenagers at prom.

To commemorate your special occasion, we will also be taking prom photos during the ball to put in your parent's living room. Make up artists will be around to accentuate your deadness! Oh yeah, as usual guest DJs will be dropping beats for the undead.

Everyone is encouraged to dress the part for the show opening. C'mon it's called "Zombie Prom." 

At least dress like an undead teenager or something.

2524 Nicollete Ave #202, Mpls, MN 55404

Friday 10/25 : 7pm - Late


Hope to see you there!