Monday, April 13, 2009

White Walls + Shooting Gallery opening photos

I checked out the show(s) at at White Walls/Shooting Gallery on Saturday night. Here are some highlights

White Walls Gallery

Featuring work by Mike Shine and Caleb Neelson

Draw Show at the Shooting Gallery

DRAW is a must-see art exhibition featuring original drawings by 300 artists in the tattoo, literature, design, illustration, animation, skateboard, music, urban, psychedelic and new contemporary art worlds. The show is a tribute to the often-underrated but fundamental building block of visual and graphic art: the drawing.

DRAW is the largest contemporary drawing exhibition to emerge out of New York City. The exhibit debuted in October of 2006 at NYC’s Fuse Gallery to phenomenal response from audience and press alike. It had an equally impressive showing during the SXSW 2007 Music and Interactive-Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Most recently, the exhibit drew over 2000 people to its London debut at StolenSpace, East London’s Leading Contemporary Urban Art Gallery. DRAW is currently on a six-country world tour that includes future showings in Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Berlin.

DRAW is curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey with guest curators Justin Giarla, Jamie O’Shea, Tim Barber, Damien Weinkratz, Les Barany, Brendan Fowler, Mike Aho, Sto, Victoria Perez and D* Face.
*Information about Draw from Fecal Face

See a full list of artist showing here

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