Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday Funday

Alright, so technically it's Saturday, and I apologize to anyone who checked to see what my Friday Funday adventure(s) were yesterday only to be disappointed that I hadn't posted anything. But I assure you it was best that I waited until today to post because it was very late by the time I ventured home and I was not in any sort of mindset to blog cohesively.. haha.

Yesterday was an excellent Friday Funday, and it started whilst I was still at work (if you can believe it) It ended up being not one, but 2 of my co-workers birthdays. So we got to drop what we were doing at around 11am and then again around 4 to have cake =) I only got photos of the first one because I was caught off guard by the second one and didn't have a chance to run back to my desk and grab my camera.

Both cakes were delicious and a much needed distraction. After work, I decided to wander around and kill some time before I headed over to an opening I read about on Fecal Face.

I started by just walking north from my work, and somehow found myself in the direction of the Telegraph Hill Historic District, which is totally beautiful and amazing.

I wish I had a better camera.. these photos don't really do it justice. Aaah, someday soon. But I really hate shopping for technology. If anyone has any recommendations on a good but modestly priced camera that has both manual and automatic settings I'm all ears..


Cassette Tape house?

Then I walked down into north beach.

I walked past this store window that caught my attention.

but sadly they were closed.

so I couldn't go in. I'll try back another time.

After awhile of just wandering around, I figured it was time I could head over to Double Punch for the gallery opening. The show is featuring works by Kelly Tunstall, Scott Barry, Ryan Bubnis and Alexei Vella

My personal favorite was Ryan Bubnis.

I also really enjoyed the display for Scott Barry's work.

Soon after arriving I got a call from my new friend Gene saying that he was getting together with some friends and his old professor to do a sketch exchange and invited me along. So I finished up my glass of wine (I'm not sure what it is about fridays and finding free wine but I'm all about it) and headed out. I decided to just continue walking because I wasn't too far away and I'm not that familiar with the bus routes in north beach. I almost instantly regretted this decision when I discovered that it was literally all up hill. How, or why anyone needs a gym membership in this city is beyond me. All you would need to do is go walk around north beach. It's like climbing a damn mountain over there.

I don't think this photo really illustrates my point, but I'm sure you can imagine walking about a mile at a 45 degree angle.

Eventually I made it to Gene's professor's house. It was really cool to just hangout and draw with other artists because I haven't done that at all since I moved.

We each made 4 sketches to exchange with each other. These are the drawings I made:

I had a great time, and I got some cool drawings out of the deal =) I know everyone is super busy, myself included, but I hope we can get together again soon. Afterward, Gene and I decided to hit up some bars, hense why I'm writing about Friday Funday on Saturday.. haha.


- K

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