Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Funday

Last night Ryan and I attended a dinner party in San Bruno, hosted by one of his co-workers. The easiest way to his friend's house (without a car) is by taking the Caltrain, so that's what we did.

I love riding on trains. I wish they were more efficient and prominent here, like they are in Europe. Sadly however, they are slowly dying. A lot of times it's cheaper to drive or fly, depending on how far you're going. But our Caltrain ride only cost $2.50 to get from SF to San Bruno, which is very cheap indeed.

San Bruno is a quaint, older suburb. The houses are tiny little boxes, with perfectly mowed lawns and pruned bushes. The air smelled of sweet roses and cut grass. Telephone poles towered overhead, connecting the houses by a tangled electrical wires. The sidewalks are cracked and bumpy, canvased by overgrown trees. Cats wandered around lazily, tormenting passing dogs on leashes held by their owners.

When we arrived to our hosts house, the kitchen was full of friends helping each other cook and enjoying sweet, homemade margaritas (not from pre-made juice mix) Ryan's friend/co-worker Chavez was our main chef. She made traditional Mexican tamales, rice and beans (she also made the margaritas)

We had to wait a couple of hours for the tamales to finish steaming, so we passed the time with conversation and many, many margaritas. The wait was certainly worth it, because that was the best Mexican dinner I have ever had. Chavez has spoiled me rotten.

We couldn't stay much longer after we had finished eating. Ryan's friend had curated a small show in Chinatown, in which Ryan had participated in, so we wanted to head back to attend. The show was an art opening slash live music event. thing. Chavez was very kind to give us a lift back downtown, so we didn't have much further to go from there.

The show was in the basement of a bar in Chinatown (the Le-Po lounge) That place is.. weird. The bar had every light on and no music playing, which ya know isn't too bad if you dislike dark, loud places. The drinks were ridiculously over priced. 5 bucks for a gin and tonic in a tiny plastic cup. (and horribly mixed too) We descended the steep winding stairs to the basement. It was hot and humid down there. It felt like some crazy time warp, it reminded me of parties and shows that took place in the basement of the Blue House and the Butthole back at MCAD.

We only stayed for about 20 minutes. We drank our overpriced drinks, payed $2 for the show, said hello to Ryan's friends, heard about a minute of the first band then decided to bolt. Oh man, I've heard some shitty, shitty music in my day, but as of late, that band takes the cake. I think that will be my first and last adventure to the Le-Po lounge. But ya know, Ryan's piece is awesome. Sorry I don't have a photo. Perhaps he will post it for you... (hint hint, Ryan)

And that concludes another funday. Now I must get some work done before I go see UP! !!! (I can't wait)


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