Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Funday

For yesterday's "Friday Funday" I wandered around the Castro. First, however, I came home to change shoes (I wore heels to work and I definitely didn't want to go traipsing about the city in them) and to make some food.

After shoveling down some fuel, I headed out. My initial intention was to check out the Polaroid Show @ Photoworks. I went there, but didn't stay as long as I thought I would. I must admit that I felt a bit out of place (I know very little about photography) and all I overheard was people talking about what cameras they use and what kind of film is their favorite. I felt like a bit of a traitor or impostor standing there with my non-professional digital camera (god forbid) so I ducked out. The photos were pretty cool though, and it does seem like the place to go for your film processing needs.

(The best I felt I could do was take some photos of the outside)

I had planned to meet up with the girls for 'ladies night' in the Mission and I thought I would have to rush right over there after the opening. But, because I didn't stay very long, I had some time to kill, so I wandered semi-aimlessly in the direction of the Mission.

I walked passed my favorite sushi place ever, Miyabi. If you live here, or visiting SF anytime (and you're a fan of sushi) go check this place out! I didn't go eat there on this particular occasion, but just walking by made me very tempted to do so. They have the cheapest prices I've seen anywhere, and not to mention it's incredibly delicious. If you're new to sushi, or maybe just 'kind-of' like it, this is the place for you too. Good sushi will make a sushi lover out of anyone =)

This photo was taken when I first discovered Miyabi over a year ago. This delicious plate of sushi, plus 2 beers, plus appetizers, plus ice-cream was $50. (to give you an idea of how amazing it is) So go check it out already! 15th and Church.

Ok, now that I'm done advertising Miyabi... I continued on my way through the Castro towards the Mission. I really love it over there. It's quiet and peaceful, yet there is always something going on. I would love to live in the Castro, unfortunately so does like 1/2 the city so it's pretty difficult to find a place. For now I'll settle with just visiting often.

Then I stumbled across a store window that caught my eye.

It was Needles and Pens. The name jogged something in my memory, so I went inside. Then I remembered I had seen photos from another MCAD almuni, ETC, who had a show there sometime last summer. Needles and Pens is amazing. It's a shop + gallery. They sell local and international zines/comics, handmade jewelry and various accessories and a few t-shirts. And of course, original artwork.

The current show they have up is a group show entitled. "You've Got Light in Your Eyes"
I was particularly enthralled by Ashley Lande Brown's work This girl's drawings are amazing. They're so delicately rendered and yet somehow free-flowing at the same time. I really love how she combines the two, how loud and colorful they are. I'll have to keep an eye out to see if she has more shows coming up.

After resiting the temptation to buy just about everything in that store, I continued on my way. Right next door was a window full of ferris wheel drawings.

I have no idea what that is about, but they are pretty cool drawings nonetheless. And that pretty much concludes my funday adventure. I met up with the ladies at the Casanova Lounge about 10 minutes later.

Alright, now I must get going. I need to get some work done before I have to go to work.. bah.

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