Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday I received the frames I ordered from They came very excellently wrapped (I'm always a bit leery of ordering fragile and very important things via the internet) and in perfect condition.

I decided to go with an ashy black "rustic" frame for my work.

Well, it turns out that when you order custom frames from you need to order everything separately.. which I wish I would have known during the ordering process. My frames did come with hooks and wires to hang with, but they didn't come with backers! (I at least had enough sense to order the mat boards) So I had to rush over to Dick Blick before they closed, which thankfully is only a couple of blocks away. I bought some thick 24 ply mat board and a heavy duty xtaco knife to make my own frame backers. I have never missed MCAD and it's facilities so much before having to cut out 12 perfectly square pieces of mat board by hand. Honestly, it's worth living close to school just for their supplies! But alas, I am thousands of miles away, so I proceeded to spend hours tediously cutting out mats over and over and over.

However in the long run it was worth it (or at least that's what I'm telling myself because at this point I really had no other options) and the work looked infinitely better matted and framed.

I shipped them off this morning at they'll get to the gallery tomorrow. woot.

9 days and counting until the opening!

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