Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funday

Well, this 'friday funday adventure' was thwarted by a sudden onset of rain that I had not been expecting. My original plan was to go the the Haight and wander around the shops there, looking for birthday presents for Ryan but I didn't have my umbrella and I didn't want my brand new camera to get destroyed by the rain.

I decided instead to come home and grab my umbrella and lens cover before heading out again. When I did head out, I just wasn't really in the mood for the Haight anymore. I think I should save that one for a sunny day. I ended up heading in the direction of Trader Joes in North Beach because we so desperately needed groceries and I thought, perhaps I could find some cool gifts on the way.

Well, finding a gift or two didn't work out so well. Walking up along Polk street there are mainly boutiques, salons, liquor stores, and restaurants. I'm sure I could have easily found something for myself... but that wasn't my goal for this adventure.

Instead I just wound up with groceries. Which we did need, but it's not exactly a thrilling tale (all apologies) I did manage to take just a couple of photos inbetween the spurts of rain.

This window display was intriguing. I took it at an angle because I saw the owner watching me and she didn't look pleased (perhaps she thought I was a competitor) I didn't go inside because I was trying to find Ryan a present, not buy myself some jewelry..

also, I saw some pretty flowers that were dripping with rain water.

Now I must be off. I am attending an opening at Gallery 1988 tonight with my friend Gene. I realize that could be considered apart of my 'friday funday' adventure, but I'll post the opening photos separately.



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