Monday, October 6, 2008

The Journey to San Francisco

Hello at last my friends. I am now finally settled into my new apartment and ready to share with you the photos from our journey from Minneapolis to San Francisco. =) Our journey began, as mosts do, with packing, loading, and saying goodbyes. Here are some highlights.

What better place to say farewell, than at the CC Club?

Elijah and Teqen took me out for sushi at Origami

We managed to pack this thing full to the brim

One last trip to Quang...

And thus our journey began. We traveled first to my parent's house so I could drop off a few last minute things I couldn't bring with me, including the drums.. said goodbye to the fam, and then we were off. The first day was by far the most boring - We were driving through Nebraska.. need I elaborate more? That day was filled with many games of 20 questions, as both the computer and ipods were dead. The next day we decided to stop and purchase a much needed car charger. The time was then passed by listening to audio books of Harry Potter for the remainder of the journey.

We camped out at KOA's along the way, for a little adventure and to save as much money as possible. It's the closest thing to "camping" I've done, and probably will do in a very long time. We ate Subway everyday. I rarely eat fast food anyway, but we both decided that getting a stomach ache in the middle of nowhere would be a terrible idea... if you catch my drift. Although, I think it will be awhile before I eat Subway again.

Frodo did really well during the long stretches of car rides. He discovered the space underneath the passenger seat, then curled up and went to sleep. We let him out everytime we stopped on a harness and leash to much amusement of our own, and some of the passerby found it pretty amusing as well.

We took 4 days to get to San Francisco, including the stop at my parent's place. Here are the highlights. Because I know no one really reads these things anyway, everyone just wants to see photos.

We finished off that entire thing of trail mix





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The Creep said...

Killer pics, looks like it was a great trip.

Harry Potter audio books? I do the same thing, that rules I am not alone.