Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Fun

I thought I'd take a moment to blog about what I've been up to in SF and share some photos with the few of you who read this particular blog. This weekend was quite eventful, which is always good.
My friend Brandon from Rookie of the
was in town and playing a show at the
Red Devil Lounge, which incidentally is located just a few short blocks from my place. ROTY arrived in town early, so I met them to wander around the city. They decided they wanted to explore the Golden Gate Park, so headed in that direction, and then proceeded to drive around and around and around in circles for a good 1/2 hour or so looking for a parking spot big enough for a giant van and trailer.
The Golden Gate Park is enormous, so we naturally didn't get through all of it, but it was nice to escape from the city for an hour or so. The boys decided it would be nice to get to take a shower before the show, so I took them back to my studio apartment, where they surprisingly all managed to fit.

The show was fun. A line up of The Ability, ROTY, QuietDrive, and Mest It was good to go to a show again.. I don't remember the last show I attended. I'm not even going to try and guess.




The next evening didn't go exactly according to plan, but I had fun regardless. Another friend from high school and his band came into SF to play a show. We, (my friend Hayley and I) arrived a little late, and I didn't take any photos. We wanted to hangout with him afterwards, but his gf was also in town, so Hayley and I decided to let them have some much needed alone time. The following band, who's name I didn't catch, was fucking terrible. Ever song sounded like they were trying to be a different band. It went from Tool to 311 to Incubus to Sublime to actually covering a Tool song back to 311... we decided to leave about 1/2 way through their set. Hayley and I ended up downtown at a quiet bar, had one drink, then decided to call it a night.

Saturday was an excellent day. I attended the much talked about Red Bull Soap Box Race in Dolores Park, with about 3 thousand other people. I actually have no idea how many people where there, but I gander a guess at about 3 thousand. I couldn't get close enough to see the actual runway, but there were large monitors in a few different areas of the park so I could see. It was very entertaining indeed. The best, of course, were the crashes. I must find out how to enter these Red Bull races and build a car.. anyway, here are the highlights.

Ryan came home that afternoon after a business trip to Washington D.C. The week of stress, flights, and time changes left him exhausted, so we decided to take it easy. But we did make a trip to the Castro to enjoy the best sushi ever. Honestly, if you're ever in SF - go to the Castro and find Miyabi. You won't be sorry.
Today was another fun day. We took a journey to the SF Zoo. It was a bit chilly today - 50's and cloudy, but it was still fun. Except, take out the screaming kids all over the place, and then it was awesome.


And the trip to the south sunset wouldn't be complete with out a stop at the ocean


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