Monday, February 21, 2011

TATTOO :: Amanda Wachob

I'm sitting inside on a cold and very snowy day, so what better time to dream about warm colors and update my blog simultaneously? I discovered the work of Amanda Wachob this past fall and was blown away, and now I'm sharing the discovery with you.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for years now, but have been hesitant to delve into the land of permanent ink because of just that - it's permanent. You can't erase if you mess up... no going backwards if you decide you don't like the design you came up with.

Now that I finally have a pretty solid idea for what I'd like to have a tattoo of (someday..soon?) I've started looking into tattoo artists. For as you know, even if you come up with a rock solid design, you have to have a rock solid artist to make that transition from paper to skin.

I have seen some really, really horrible tattoos - but there is absolutely nothing even close to horrible about Miss Wachob's work. I've never seen such vibrancy, nor vibrant "abstract" tattoos.

Check it out for yourself (*photos from Wachob's website.) Perhaps you know of another artist who does similar work?

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