Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh blog, sorry you've fallen to the wayside these past couple of weeks. I have been keeping myself busy with a variety of fun activities including my first ever time snowmobiling in the northern woods as well as attending my first ever class at MCTC.

More exciting news, however, comes in the form of printed work in a magazine. More specifically, my work in Creative Quarterly issue 17!

Also, a shout out to Miss Jordan Kay (a fellow MCAD alumni,) whose lovely piece is also featured. Congrats!
The entire issue is pretty amazing, so if you have a chance, go pick one up! They're available at most Barnes and Nobles and Boarders.

I've also started working as a gallery assistant at the Rouge Buddha Gallery with my friend/colleague, Nick (who just so happens to own the place.) There will be more on that subject later.

Apart from the gallery, I've also started working on some freelance for a design company. I can't really go into much more detail than that however.. so if I ever do have permission to post what I'm working on I shall, but I must admit, that seems unlikely.

And lastly, I've signed myself up for some web design classes at MCTC, which I'm very excited about. My first official class is next week. I'm just tired of always having to turn jobs down because I don't know anything about web design outside of posting pictures and some basic html. Also, really, I just enjoy being in school and miss it. So I'm sure over the next couple of months you'll be seeing some web related activities from me.

So yeah, I've been keeping busy, and have more exciting things in the works which I'll post about soon when the time is right.

Until then,


'Lil Ric said...


Anonymous said...

karen! this is all so awesome! i can't wait to visit and see all your amazing artwork. :D


rawtoastdesign said...

Congratulations Karen :) I had a couple in there with you too. Your work is lovely...looking forward to seeing more.



Karen O said...

Thanks everyone!
Jesse- you're work is quite charming and hilarious. I'm quite a fan of the piece you did for the Utne Reader of the business man 'birdie'. I wish I had half of your talent and knowledge.. ! And thanks for the encouragement =)