Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tonight I wandered down the street and discovered that
Gallery 1988 was open (I can never remember the days/hours they keep) so I decided to pop in. I've been meaning to go for several weeks now. I missed the opening to the show that is currently up and I really wanted to go, so I'm glad I finally got to see the work.

Ken Garduno, who I've blogged about before, had several pieces on display. Here are a few highlights:

I also was pleased to see several Yoksay Yamamoto pieces. (I'm sorry I don't have a current link to his website) I have seen some of his work before and it always catches my eye and holds me in place for awhile. I love seeing illustrative work in the 3rd dimension. I wish I had more patience to do it myself.. anywho. Here are some work samples.

As I stepped outside into the misty evening, I noticed this building across the street.

The rain makes it look like it's a crying face. I like buildings with faces.

Later, I peeked inside Upper Playground (they were not open.. again with the random hours thing)

Next door was this wheat paste (apologies for the crappy lighting)

i heart CareBears.


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The Creep said...

man, I wish I saw that show. Never got a chance to make it down there.

His work looks amazing in person, a lot of texture seems to be lost in online images.