Saturday, November 1, 2008

this week

Here are some photos of random happenings from this past week.
- k

This year for Halloween I went as Princess Mononoke. Only about 4 people recognized who I was, which I suppose isn't that surprising, but I was surprised by how many people had never even heard of any of the more recent Miyazaki films.

On the way back from helping my friend with her animation, we stumbled across the Virgin Records store on Market which just so happened to be hosting a free Yelle concert.. ! It was so awesome. She didn't get to perform for very long, about 20 mins or so, but it was great. She did some acoustic versions of a few songs and it was really good. She can sing really well - a lot better than most performers I've seen live.

possibly one of the funniest signs I've seen.. ever

cool truck I saw on the street

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Bethy said...

haha the safe surrender sign just made me laugh!

i miss you miss karen!
im glad i could bring you harry potterness, you can count on my blog for updates on that topic..haha