Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dream a Little Dream - Explosions in the Sky

I had a very vivid dream just before I woke up yesterday that I wanted to share. I wish I knew more about dream interpretation, because I'd very much like to know what this one means. Perhaps you can give me some insight? Anyway, this is the dream as I remember it...

The first part of the dream that I can recall, started out with a trip to a doctor's office. My mother and I were there, getting a check-up from 2 very plump and very kind nurses. We were sitting on a large metal slab a few feet off of the ground. Very much like the kind of thing you would see at a vet. They asked us for our current address. I remember that my Mom said she lived in San Francisco, which isn't the case, and I thought it was weird that she would say that. I told them my exact address of where I am currently living.

After they had written down our names and addresses, they checked our eyes to see our pupil dialation. Instead of using a small flashlight, however, they used an extremely large and very bright flood light type thing. I suppose now, it reminds me of something a photographer would use. Which is interesting because at that moment in the dream, I was no longer seeing through my own eyes. I was watching the scene unfold from above. I saw all of the angels of my face, which was flushed out from all of the light. I saw my pupils become the size of pinholes, and then the scene changed.

My mom and I left the doctor's office separately. We were on our way to my older sister's (Kelly) wedding. We were driving through a very large city. The buildings looked like something you'd find in downtown Chicago. I was driving ahead of my Mom, and I missed the turn that I needed. I decided to just keep going. I parked a few blocks away and then walked back to where I needed to be. I remember having to weave my way in and out of a crowd of people. When I reached the corner, I looked behind me, and through several people I saw my Mom and my younger sister sitting in folding chairs, amongst the various other people who were attending the wedding. They were on a patch of grass, like a small park that you'd find in a large city. And they were surrounded by a small, black metal fence.

I walked over to them, and hopped over the small fence. Everyone was facing towards the outside of this large squared off area that they were in., very much unlike any wedding you would go to in real life were everyone faces forward... anyway, there weren't any seats left, and I was already late, so I just sat on my mother's lap. Actually, when I first sat down, I sat 1/2 on my mom's lap, and 1/2 on one of the nurses from earlier. I realized what I had done, quickly apologized, and moved over. The nurse woman just laughed and said she didn't mind. She was very much like a motherly figure herself.

As I sat down, the scene went from day to night. I looked up and saw that the sky was filled with stars. It was such a beautiful sight, but it didn't last long. The stars quickly began to swirl in one giant clockwise motion. Everyone around me was watching too, and they were filled with awe. I, however, was filled with panic and fear. Then, not only were all the stars moving, but there were random bursts of fire and lighting in the sky. The stars were exploding.

I tried to jump up, but my mom was holding me. I yelled at her to let go, and then I ran for it. I was running down the sidewalk, back the way I had came. I saw a man a few yards in front of me running also. The ground began to quake, and he fell through the cement. All I had time to think was, "Oh Fuck!" as the ground beneath me began to crack and in an instant, I fell. I knew then that I was dead.

Now my view of the scene changed, as it had done earlier. I was above the scene, looking down onto it. I looked into the large pit that I had fallen into, to see my lifeless body floating in bloody water just a few inches below the surface. My thigh had been stabbed through with a large metal rod. I had been unable to free myself, so I drowned. My face was pale, and almost glowing in the darkness of the cave. I just remember looking at myself and being so pissed that I had died. Why hadn't I been smart enough to outlive the earthquake, or whatever it was that had happened? I was so disappointed in myself. I also felt extremely guilty that I had died before Kelly's wedding., and before I could say goodbye to anyone.

The scene changed again, and now I was inside. Kelly's wedding was still taking place. I remember looking at her; she looked so sad. I felt terrible for ruining her wedding. I decided to show myself to her, as my ghost form that I was. I was pale, wet, and dirty. I apologized to her for dying. She said it was ok. We were standing in a doorway, or like a small hallway that separated 2 rooms. I looked up and saw an old, haggard looking woman staring at me. She could see me, when no one else could. She was holding a cane and a small clump of dried nuts or something. They looked like grapes from a distance, but when she came closer towards me I could see that they were small, shelled nuts.

The nurse whose lap I had accidently sat on walked over towards me too. She looked extremely happy and proud, and her eyes were just starting to fill up with tears. She reached me before the old woman did and she told me that everything was going to be ok. When the old woman arrived by my side, the nurse pulled of a nut and placed it in my hand. She told me to eat it.

As I swallowed, I came back to life. The nurse was just over-joyed, and gave me a large hug. When she let go, I looked up and saw a man standing in front of me. He was dressed in a nice blue button down shirt and kahkis. He told smiled and told me to follow him. He led me through a large room and out into a hallway. His 3 children were in the hallway, all dressed as he was. They didn't say anything, but just smiled as I walked past. He led me to 2 large doors that opened up to the outside. Just outside the doors was my jeep and another man. This second man opened up the back door of my jeep and Ryan came running out. He was dressed in a tux and he was wearing his sunglasses. He ran towards me and he was just bawling, but he's looked the happiest I have ever seen him. When I saw him, I thought that I could never be happier than in that instant. We hugged each other as if we were never going to let go, and then I woke up.

> I know that I can't fully describe the feelings that I felt throughout the dream, and especially just before I woke up, but it was amazing. I think it'll certainly be a dream that I'm not likely to forget.


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