Saturday, July 9, 2011

Selling at A-Z Gallery

Yesterday I started off my morning by waking up very early, loading up the car with all of my jewelry and displays and setting off for Lowertown, St. Paul. I was going to be participating in a small sale with other artists in front of the A-Z Gallery (just one block from the oh-so-fabulous farmers market.)

Well it turns out the other artists decided to flake out, or perhaps were scared away from the ominous looking clouds. If they had checked the weather radar, they would've seen that no rain was going to be falling.. oh well.

The morning was slow, but I guess it's hard to attract customers when you're up off the street all by yourself. But I did make a few sales, so that's good.

Afterward I decided to check out the farmer's market before they closed. I got myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers for only $5. I love farmer's markets!

Last night I was lucky enough to get off of work in time to go to the 'Trust Me' opening at Co Exhibitions, featuring the work of fellow MCAD alumn, Adam R. Garcia.

"TRUST ME! is a collaborative project based on the ideas of relationships, ownership, process and appropriation. Artist and designer Adam R. Garcia asked a number of his creative colleagues to submit a one-color image to be artistically manipulated by Garcia—sight unseen until the opening reception. Due to the disparate imagery, a color scheme and loose theme based on trust and deception ended up forming within the creative process. The final execution is a collection of 12" x 16" prints in three colors, each a "collaboration" between Garcia and the original creator. A didactic piece containing the original art and the final idea will accompany the pieces as an insight into the process." - Co. Exhibition

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