Monday, July 18, 2011

Jewelry Displays

Recently I decided it was time for me to try a new approach at displaying my jewelry during art sales. With the Sucka Free Art Sale just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to give it a try.

I knew that I wanted to make simple frame displays - and although I do like the look of a simple wire backing (such as the photo below as seen on squiddo) I knew that wouldn't work for me because I have tags on everything.

Instead, I experimented with a foam and felt backing, which I think will work rather well. Here is what I did:

First I purchased some simple black frames from Ikea, then headed to JoAnn fabrics and picked up some photo-gray felt and some cheap pieces of foam.

I took the plastic covering out of the frame to measure my piece of foam (remember, I said they were cheap frames - no glass here! haha) I cut the foam with an xacto knife.

Then I used plastic sheet to measure the fabric. I left about an inch extra around all of the sides, then trimmed down 2 of the sides to be more exact, while leaving extra around the top and bottom to wrap around the edges. I did this to be able to glue the fabric to the foam, but I thought it would be too thick to fit back into the frame if I did all 4 sides.

I trimmed the corners at a 45 degree angle to make it easier to glue and fold over the fabric edges.

Once glued (hot glued that is - which dries almost instantly) I stuck the fabric back inside the frame and actually used that plastic sheet to go in behind the fabric to make it more sturdy. And viola! Jewelry displays assembled!

I'm excited to see if these displays will be more effective or not. If not, I can always reuse the frames for something else - as I did save that those plastic sheets.

And there you have it - an easy, cost effective way to make your own jewelry displays.

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