Tuesday, April 26, 2011

St Paul Art Crawl : Echo Arts

Yesterday I crossed the bridge and went into the East Bay, and by East Bay naturally I mean, St. Paul. It's pretty amazing actually, I've lived in Mpls for 7 years and I've only been to St. Paul maybe 10 times. There's no way that's true, I'm sure it's been more than that, but honestly, I very rarely go over there.

I went on this magical journey to go hang our show at Echo Arts for the St. Paul Art Crawl.

Hopefully you'll be able to join us over the weekend.
The official Art Crawl Hours are:
4/29 6pm-10pm + going late for the poetry slam!
4/30 12pm-8pm + going Extra late for the after crawl party!
5/1 12pm-5pm

Echo Arts is located at 275 East 4th St, suite B200. (Corner of Wall and E. 4th St.) There are plenty of metered parking spots, but there is also a pay lot a block and 1/2 away on the corner of 4th and Sibley or 4th and Jackson, depending on what direction your coming from (Sibley and Jackson are one way streets.)

*Note there is currently a significant amount of construction happening on the block in front of the Northwestern Building (where Echo Arts is located) but the sidewalks are open.

Check out our Facebook Invite. See you this weekend!

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