Monday, July 26, 2010


This weekend was pretty jammed packed. Early Friday evening I went to the Rogue Buddha to help bartend the closing show for the current exhibit Under Our Skin, featuring works by Thom deVita, Nick Bubash and John Wyatt. It was also a precursor to the Bearded Lady contest/show that took place on Saturday.

After I left the RBG, I headed to my friend's house for a "puppy party", which basically just means we introduced everyone to Wally and let him roam around freely in my friend's fenced in yard.

I didn't make it to the Bearded lady contest because I was making my way towards the Red Bull Flutag. Traffic was so unbelievably bad it took us 2 hours to get from Minneapolis to St. Paul, which, is about 10 or so miles... by the time we got there, there were only about 7 jumpers left.

The time we spent at the park was fun, but we pretty much had to immediately turn around and spend another 2 hours in the car getting home. There were easily a few hundred thousand people who attended, and part of the main interstate is closed for construction, which in turn equals the worst traffic I've ever had the joy of being stuck in. And that includes a couple trips to LA.

After an incredibly long trip home (which would normally only take about 15mins) I proceeded to take a nap. Who knew sitting on your rear for nearly 5 hours would be so exhausting?

Later we rode our bikes the 10 blocks to our friend's house for his impromptu dance party. Said friend also has rock band, which really does make you feel like a rock star.. haha.

Sunday, Ryan and I attended a baby shower for his cousin. It was outside and very informal, so we got to bring the dog and let him run around and wear himself out. This worked fantastically well and he slept like a log all night. However, it just reinforces my desire for a fenced in yard. Until then, I suppose we'll just have to invest in an extra long leash to tie him to the drying rack pole.

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