Monday, July 19, 2010


I am forewarning you now that the contents of this blog may slowly but surly turn to nothing more but pictures of my new puppy... at least for a little while ;)

This weekend, Ryan and I went up north to go pick up our new basset hound puppy, Wally. His official title is Sir Walter Wulfric Wensleydale. Trust me, it fits perfectly.

Wally did tremendously well on the car ride from the farm his was born on to Ryan's parent's house, which is about an hour drive. He whined for probably 15 mins, then curled up next to me and fell asleep.

The next 48 hours were spent as such: Playing for about 20 mins, then outside to go potty, play some more, take a 2 hour nap. Wake up, go potty. Play for about 20 mins, take an hour nap. Wake up, go potty. Eat. Go potty. Run around spastically for about 20 mins, calmed down and placed into kennel, cry. Cry. Cry. Give up and take a 2 hour nap. And Repeat.

The ride down went as well as the first, including the addition of our fat cat Frodo, who up until this point, has been a spoiled only child. Frodo is not too keen on this new creature in his midst, but seems to be too lazy to do anything more than just hiss when Wally gets too close. This appears to be the best I'll get from fat ol' Frodo, so I'm happy about it. I can't quite imagine them snuggling together anytime soon that's for sure.

Today we were woken up at the crack of dawn by a I-Have-To-Pee!-whine (which Ryan thankfully took care of,) slept for a couple more hours, woken up again by a I-Have-To-Pee!-whine (this time I took him out so Ryan could get ready for 'real-job' work, followed by about 20 minutes of play time and a 1 hour nap... I see a pattern forming here, don't you?

We tackled the new world with a few walks, on which he did amazingly well. Naturally there was a lot of whining (a where-am-I? type of whine) but I've designated myself as "Pack Leader" as Cesar Millan would say, and Wally followed in suit.

Currently, Wally is snoring by my side with his head on my leg and his big puppy paw on my arm... Yeah, this is the life.