Friday, December 11, 2009


Well I made it back safe and sound, going from the land of green to the land of white. We had a blizzard the other night and got about 10 inches of snow - a fine welcome home present if I do say so.. haha. It's not so bad really, my parent's got almost 15 inches.

Since returning, I have been spending my days unpacking and trying to help set up the new place. Both Ryan and our new roommate have 2 jobs each, so needles to say they haven't had much time to do 'domestic' apartment stuff, so I figure that's the least I can do considering they moved all of my stuff for me while I was gone. It's surprisingly time consuming unpacking and organizing - especially when you're not sure where everything is. But I've made some serious progress.

The other day my new roommate and I had a sad attempt at putting up Christmas lights on the porch. Turns out it would be a better idea to measure how long the porch is before you buy the lights... haha. We got 2 boxes of blue l.e.d. lights which covered about 1/4 of the porch. We also got a blue l.e.d. rope light to put around the door - oh man! Those things are horrendous to put up! You're supposed to screw in these plastic clips first so that the rope stays in place. Trying to use tools and tiny screws with numb fingers is very difficult, however, we accomplished that task. Then you're supposed to shove the robe into the plastic clips... we broke all but 2 of them. Uugh! We gave up after that. We'll have to unscrew the rest and try again.. but we both felt completely defeated (and cold) so we have yet to try again.

I have also made some progress on the work front since coming home. I have updated my website, so go check it out!

Well, I suppose I should go be productive. I still have several boxes to go through, including the one I'm currently using as a night stand... haha.

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