Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's official. It's my last week here in Ireland (this time around) and it's already 1/2 over! I haven't been very exciting the past couple of weeks - just work, work, work. We've been working 12-14 hours every day and 1/2 days on the weekends.. which explains my lack of posting, because frankly I've just been lazy. Lazy and tired.

We're rushing to put together a 200 page yearbook for the GAA, and by "we're" I mostly mean "I'm" because the other designer has been working on the magazines and a different GAA book. The yearbook is, if I may 'toot my own horn' a little, looking really solid - and about a million times better than last year's. I can't take all of the credit for that though, I've had a lot of constructive criticism from my co-worker and her idea's have really helped. It has been a bit of a grueling process though. I think we're almost done and then "they" (the people from the GAA) keep deciding to add stuff - which results in lots of time consuming rearranging of pages/re-numbering of pages.

It will be worth it once it's all finished, which should be Friday, considering that is my last work day.. ahhh! I won't have any pictures to share with you for awhile though because I'm not sure when they'll be getting it back from the printers and how long it'll take for it to be mailed to me back in MN.

I have had an amazing time here. I do wish I could've traveled a bit more, seen more of the country, but I didn't come here for a vacation. I came here to work. And work I did. I've helped put together 6 magazines, about 30 or so adverts, 4 restaurant menus, several random flyers, a brochure, a shop local voucher book, 2 t-shirt designs, 4 program booklets, a fixture booklet and a 200 page yearbook for the GAA... whew! I'm sure there is something else in there that I'm forgetting. Now I have the fun task of making all of the prints fit into my suitcase.. haha.

Well I suppose I better hop back to it. I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to update again before I leave, but I'll try.


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