Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oakland Fun

Last night, my dear friend PK came to visit, along with his sister and another mutual friend, Dusty. As the tiny box I currently live in is too small to have 3 guests stay the night, PK made arrangements to stay with a friend in Oakland.

I've only been to the East Bay a total of 3 times during the year that I've lived here, so I decided to tag along. PK's friends live near downtown Oakland, which is a pretty nice little neighborhood. It's right next to Lake Merritt However, getting to their apartment was interesting. I'm not sure exactly where we were (as I'm not familiar with Oakland) but it was amazing how drastically the scenery changed as we got to the outskirts of downtown. Everything seemed pretty forgotten and run down, then as soon as we entered downtown territory it was all shiny metal, and new condos.. weird how that happens, in just about every city I've ever been to.

After we arrived to our host's apartment, we had a lovely little feast of lasagna, salad, and bread. (With wine, of course.) And then proceeded up to the roof to continue drinking, and enjoy the wonderfully mild-weather evening together.

We then decided to head to possibly the coolest bar I've ever seen. (Cafe Van Kleef) Cool in the sense that it was so incredibly decorated with the most random shit you could ever want or hope or need to see in one place. (It poses such an excellent opportunity to rehash long-lost games of ISpy)
Check it out:

By the time we left the bar, it was too late for me to get back to the city. (the BART stops running at like 11:30 or something) so I crashed at my new friend's place, knowing that PK said he would give me a lift back in the morning (they rented a car.) And I'm glad that I did , because while we were circling around for 20 minutes trying to figure out where the stupid on-ramp was to get back to San Francisco (California has terrible signage as far as anything important goes, such as silly little things like interstate signs.. sheesh,) we drove past this little beauty:

Glorious, and for sale! ha.

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