Friday, July 31, 2009

New Finds

I wanted to share with you some recent Illustrators I've discovered (through the art of surfing the vast world of the inter-web)

Carson Ellis is an illustrator living and working in Portland, OR. She is married to the lead singer of The Decemberists, so naturally she does a lot of work for them, including recently designing their website.

Rich Tu is an illustrator living and working in NY.

Tomas Nilsson is a Swedish illustrator with a quirky and colorful style that balances a child-like quality with a very sophisticated artistic talent.

*all images were taken from each artist's website



prrrrty goood said...

really cool stuff!!! do you have a delicious account? you REALLY should... you can bookmark, tag, and archive everything you find on the internet, and you can access your bookmarks from ANYWHERE. but the key thing is, you share these bookmarks with your friends!! it's the best thing i've signed up for on the internet... EVER.

Karen O said...

Really? Sounds pretty awesome, I'll definitely look into it! I'm constantly finding new websites/artists etc. that I want to remember; Delicious sounds like a good way to do it