Sunday, June 14, 2009

Opening Photos

Last night I met up with some friends to attend the opening(s) at White Walls and The Shooting Gallery Both shows were amazing, however I must admit I am a much bigger fan on AJ Fosiks' work (which is showing at White Walls)

Check out more photos here.

And now Greg Gossel's work at the Shooting Gallery

Next we headed over to The Mezzanine for an event there. This place was amazing. It's a giant warehouse turned bar slash gallery slash venue slash boutique. My friends Ashleigh and Mary had some illustrations up for sale, which is how I heard about this place. The event last night I think was more unique than what is usually going on there. They had about 80 different vendors selling jewelry, accessories, clothes, art, etc. They had 3 live painters on stage with a DJ and a lot of booze.

I had a great time. I wish I would have known about it earlier, and figured out a way to be apart of it. I'll have to keep out a closer eye on that venue and work it out. And what night wouldn't be complete without a nice, hot Irish whiskey at good ol' Geary Street?



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