Monday, January 12, 2009

Opening/Street Art

The other night, I attended the opening at Fecal Face Dot Gallery which is currently host to Paul Urich's show, "Gone But Not Forgotten".

Driven by the notion that people die when their face is no longer recognizable, Urich haunts his viewers with faint sketches of anonymous folk culled from old family albums. With light pencil strokes, Urich sets tiny faces floating on vast expanses of paper, then overlays them with dabs of color and broad gouache strokes that resemble the bubble and burn of melting celluloid. The result tugs at the eye with the urgency of an image speeding across a rearview mirror. -Flavorpill

I also wanted to share with you this mural I have come across several times since living here, only this time I actually had my camera with me.

Check out more of Andrew Schoultz's work Here

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Kate said...

you should send your street art pics to wooster collective. They'll dig it