Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Neem Tree Farms Redesign

If you are one of the few people who read this blog, you know that I am trying to work more on my design capabilities, with specific focus on my type skills. I decided to reuse an assignment I had once in a product design class at MCAD. The assignment was to re-design the identity/packaging of either one of three categories: beauty/cosmetics, home-wares, or food/beverage.

I thought it was a pretty good assignment and process to go through, considering that's what most designers do every day. Always trying to one-up themselves, creating new and exciting work.

From experience, about 80% of the organic product companies have absolutely terrible design, so I figured that would be a good place to start looking. I came across this website. I feel that Neem Tree Farms has some really excellent products, but their design is terrible. I personally would be far more apt to buy a small, $8 bottle of shampoo if the packaging was totally boss. Don't you think?

Here are some of Neem Tree Farms products in their current packaging.

This is what I came up with. Perhaps I should try to contact someone at Neem Tree Farms and convince them to buy my designs... hmmm

Anyway, I hope you like. And as always, I'm open to any criticism you have.


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The Creep said...

I agree, most organic products look like crap.

Its like that with vegan shoes too. Most of the time they look like the orthopedic shoes little Forrest Gump wore.