Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More letters and words

Hey kids! I have created more household words. Keep checking back, I've got more on the way!
Karen O


I spent some time rumaging throughout my apartment as well as the spider-strewn basement and found some random objects that could be letters. Although this was a fun exercise, in retrospect, the door the letters are on looks more like a window. It's a glass door.. so I'm thinking I'll have to re-do this one. Perhaps I could use these doors for "window" but now I'm not quite sure how to do "door"... but I'm confident I'll get struck with a brain wave soon.


I played around with various ways I could shoot this one. I like the idea of the floating letters, but they were difficult to keep still. I like how they look all jumbled up, but it doesn't really go with the idea of the book. (which is to be easy to read, easy to understand.. potentially meant for children) I'm think I need to experiment more with bubbles and more water, as well as different camera angles. This was more so an exercise than anything, but I do really like how the letters turned out.

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