Saturday, April 28, 2012

St. Paul Art Crawl

Last night a few friends and I headed over into the 'east bay' (i.e. St. Paul) to check out the St. Paul Art Crawl at the Carleton Artist Lofts. It was great to see my usual favorites, Joe and Megan Rheult, Tim Monsters, Buttermilk, Kathryn Smith, and Josh Murray

Then I was pleasantly surprised to meet a new couple in the lofts, Jason, a fine arts painter and Zoe Keller, a lovely illustrator, designer and printmaker.

Their live/work space would make any person with an at-home studio envious. The entire living room of their modest one-bedroom condo is taken over with books, drying racks and an amazing custom built work table.
I couldn't help but pick up this adorable painting by Miss Zoe before we left. Art impulse buys are the best kind of impulse buys!
Afterward, we ended our wonderful art-filled night with some decadent cocktails and a flight of vodka at Moscow on the Hill.
The St. Paul Art Crawl is still going on through out this weekend. I would highly recommend a trip over to the Carleton Artist Lofts!

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