Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gods and Monsters: Cult Status Gallery

On Sunday evening I attended the opening of "Gods and Monsters" at the Cult Status Gallery in Minneapolis. The show was dedicated entirely to horror films, and naturally, Ryan was one of the artists in the show.

Other artists featured include:

Alex Kuno
Nate Vincent Szklarski
Chris Krapohl
Garrett Rautio
Alex Green
Boxy Mouse
Von Skank
Kipp Else
COurtney Stout
Todd 'Lucky' Lambright
Josh VanHeuveln
Valerie Clark
Mark Rivard
Matthew Jenkins
Scotty Munster
Ryan Schaddelee
Mimi Wunsch
Joseph Naughton
Oberika Toliver
Sarah Dos Pfeifle
Shawn Hebrank
Louisa Greenstock
Kristen Sassenfeld
Jon Sweet
Dillion Bakke
Dan Wieken
Chuck U
Carrie Lee Wendt
Maggie DeWitt
Aubree Mease
Biafra Inc
Charlie Forbes
Dan Dittmer
Chris Allen
Amina Harper
John Dickinson
Karl Schneider
Rob McBroom
Jacquie Bates
Gabby Mohlis
Dylan Hummel

The show is up until the end of the month, so if you didn't make it to the opening, there is still plenty of time to check it out!

"There's a Rumbly in My Tumbly"
Acrylic on wood panel
copyright RM Hanson 2011

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