Thursday, September 8, 2011

Process photos

I wanted to share with you a bit of my current process for recent work. This piece is entitled "Radiance" and will be in the show on Friday. Stop by the show to see more!

First I start with simple thumbnail sketches to get an idea of composition, then move onto larger sketches to get more clarity. Once I have the main figure the way I like it, I trace it with basic tracing paper.

Then I flip the drawn side down onto my piece of wood, and lightly re-trace. This is a simple way of "printing" my drawing onto the wood. I've found that it's difficult to erase on wood, so that is why I use this method.

Then I begin to paint. And in this case, it takes a while because of all of those lovely different colored dots.

Once everything is painted, I then go back in again with my pencil and darken up the line drawing. Presto! The piece is finished.

copyright Karen O'Bryan, 2011

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