Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pizza Farm

On Tuesday my friends and I took a journey to Stockholm, WI for one intended purpose: PIZZA. If you don't know where Stockholm, WI is, you're not alone. I had never heard of it until last weekend when plans for this journey were being made. It has a population of either 82 or 97, depending on which sign you believe to be true, and is nearly 2 hours outside of Mpls.

So why would anyone in their right mind drive for 2 hours on a Tuesday evening to go get some Pizza? Well purhaps you'll just have to ask one of the hundreds (maybe even thousands!?) of people who were there. I was one of those hundreds and I'd be happy to provide an answer: Because it is F-ing DELICIOUS... and you can pet a goat!

A to Z Produce is an organic farm which just so happens to host a pizza night every Tuesday from April 'til November. They are open from 4:30-8pm (meaning, you need to get there before 8 to place your order) The pizza's cost between $25-$30 (cash only!) and only actually take about 2 mins to bake in their over-sized outdoor brick ovens, the wait depends on how many people have orders in a head of you... We arrived at 7pm, we got our pizza's at about 9.

In the mean time we chilled out picnic style with blankets, drinking wine (which we brought with) and checking out the farm, which included petting goats!

So things you ought to know about the Pizza Farm:

Location: N2956 Anker Ln Stockholm, WI 54769
Phone: (715) 448-4802
Open: Tuesdays 4:30-8pm
Currency: CASH ONLY
Dogs allowed? : NO

Everything else is BYO! (They don't have napkins, or silverware, or plates, or drinks, or tables, or chairs, or trash cans..) Bring everything with you, and take everything with you when you leave, including your garbage and recyclables.

The only down side to the Pizza Farm..? No pizza you have again will ever be as good as theirs.. except perhaps if you travel to Italy... and that would be a really long drive.

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