Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bathroom Make-Over

This weekend I went home to my parent's house for Labor Day. I decided as a gift for them that I would give the guest bathroom a makeover (as it desperately needed one!)

A few years ago, my little sister painted it "I'm-having-a-crisis-neon-orange" after a very bad break up. One month of that color was more than enough, let alone living with it for nearly 5 years. I finally had enough and took it upon myself to do something about it. And honestly, who wants a daily reminder that your ex is an asshole and cheated on you? No one needs that.

Before: (yes, it really is that orange..)


I'm really happy with the results, and more importantly, my parent's love it! Happy early Christmas!


This was a fairly straight forward makeover. As I don't have enough money to completely update the bathroom with a new floor and vanity, I did it with a simple paint technique and new accessories. You'd be amazed at what you can do with just that.

First things first, you have to tape off the edges of everything you don't want to accidentally drip paint onto - such as the molding and bathtub. Then, I started by priming over the orange. It took several coats, but I didn't want the orange to seep through the new color(s).

Next I painted the base color, which is a creamy beige with a hint of green to it. I then (after waiting for it to fully dry) measured and taped off 12" stripes all the
way around the bathroom. It's a fairly tedious process, but the result was worth it!

After removing the tape, I had a few touch-ups to go through and fix. Once everything was fully dry, I finally got to the fun part, which is decor!

I added a new curved shower curtain rod. It was only $35 (Home Depot) and made a tremendous difference, not only in aesthetics, but it makes your shower feel exponentially bigger. I also added a new glass shelf, towel bar, hand towel holder, and decorative mirrors and accessories.

The best part about this bathroom is now that there is a neutral color on the walls, my parent's can change out the accessories (shower curtain, towels, bathmats..etc) with very minimal effort and have a whole new bathroom whenever they choose.

It was a fun project that required minimal effort, but will last for years to come. And that is pretty cool.


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