Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Post!

Image by Casey Jex Smith






Hello world, and welcome to the world of Karen O! I wanted to start this blog with my latest significant body of work. The first image you will find is the work of Casey Jex Smith; Quorum and Their Corresponding Dark Matter, which is colored pencil and pencil on paper.

The following images are the portraits of my closest friends and of myself. The idea was to have a group project, and each do a portrait of each other. However, the morale of some of the group members is far less than what I had hoped, so the group show we were hoping to have months ago never happened. Alas, these works were never shown in a gallery-type setting, so I am putting them up on the web for the world to find. I hope you enjoy!


Skeleface said...

Sweet, you are off to a great start. Can I get your phone number?

Karen O said...

haha, fuck yes.

Chris said...

Happy Blog Time! I'm glad you decided to make a blog. We should do a collaboration blog piece.